Projects I'm passionate about and currently building — check them out belowðŸŠĶProject Archive

🧊 GoPolar

  • An iOS and Apple Watch app to track your cold plunges, cold showers, and sauna activities
  • Find locations nearby to cold plunge / sauna
  • Product: GoPolar.app

ðŸ”Ĩ Hotspot

  • First time building a physical experience
  • A private space located in Toronto that you can rent by the hour to do a cold plunge or sauna
  • Product: hotspot.health

🔆 SunSeek

  • Inspired by Dr. Andrew Huberman
  • An iOS app to locate the position/angle of the sun to get your daily light exposure
  • Specifically useful on days with cloud cover
  • Product: SunSeek.app