Projects I'm passionate about and currently building — check them out below

📲 GoGrateful

  • An sms-based gratitude journal designed increase you happiness in 3 minutes.
  • Product: http://gograteful.io

🏃‍♂️ The 6:27 Club

  • Fun, exciting & memorable activities each week at 6:27am.
  • Join: the627.club
  • Open to everyone/anyone, currently only in San Francisco.

🛏 Restorative Hour

  • Project I've started with my mom. It's a sleep product designed to help you sleep better.
  • The product is a live zoom session that incorporates yoga & breath technique before bed.
  • Think of it like a personal coach for your sleep.
  • Check it out & attend our next session free: restorativehour.com

📺 The Portfolio Series

  • Reviewing companies we (LAUNCH) have invested in, in a long format youtube video product review + founder interview
  • Subscribe to the channel HERE