Project Archive

Previous projects I’ve built. Learned a lot.

📲 GoGrateful

  • An iMessage-based gratitude journal designed increase you happiness in five minutes a day.
  • Product: http://gograteful.io

🌱 Meisō Mind

  • Virtual Co-Meditation sessions with an expert meditation teacher.
  • Elevate your meditation practice
  • Looking for teachers, if you know anyone, email me please presh@meisomind.com
  • Product: meisomind.com (mobile only)

📨 Kanso Mail

  • A Chrome Extension that helps you get into flow and tackle your inbox.
  • First foray into the browser extension world... I think extensions are still underrated.
  • Product: kansomail.com

📺 The Portfolio Series

  • Reviewing companies we (LAUNCH) have invested in, in a long format youtube video product review + founder interview
  • Subscribe to the channel HERE